Casual Weekend Shirt Dress

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Who doesn’t love a nice relaxing weekend? I know I do! Weekends were made for brunching with friends, trips to the local coffee shop, and family cookouts in the backyard. After a long, hectic work week, there’s no better way to unwind than going with the flow of casual weekend hangouts and meet ups. With Summer in full swing and the heat creeping up everywhere, finding the perfect fit that matches the casualness and ease of the weekend is crucial. You should never stress over what to wear on casual weekends while relaxing and a classic, timeless piece is essential to your wardrobe so you can spend more time worrying about what kind of mimosa to order instead (I love Pineapple Mimosas!).

The essential piece that I always have in my Summer wardrobe is the T-Shirt Dress. It is so easy to wear that you’ll probably want to buy one in every color…just like me. The newest shirt dress that I added to my collection is this Printed Polo Shirtdress by Tommy Hilfiger Plus, which was created exclusively for Macy’s! This dress is a hybrid of a shirt dress and a classic Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt for an effortless look. The tiny polka dot print is super chic. My favorite part of this style, aside from how fashionable this silhouette is, is how great it looks when other layers are added. A denim jacket and this dress make the perfect combination, whether worn as a jacket or tied around your waist to accentuate your curves. This look was made to be worn during any and all of your casual weekend plans with friends and family this summer.  #TommyHilfiger

Printed Polo Shirt Dress by Tommy Hilfiger Plus, only available at Macy’s

City Chic Floral Maxi Sundresses

This post is sponsored by Macy’s.

It’s the beginning of June and the temperatures are already creeping up to nearly 100 degrees here in Arizona. Yes, it’s THAT hot already! Temperatures like that only means one thing: Maxi Sundress Season! Sundresses are the one summer staple piece that I can’t get enough of every year and the styling options are endless!  They look cute, are extremely comfortable and can be worn to just about every summer occasion imaginable.

Sundresses can be dressed up with some cute, casual heels or dressed down with trendy flat sandals. The accessory options are endless when it comes to sundresses. You can pair your dress with a sun hat, some chic sunglasses, dangly earrings and a trendy straw bag to really make your whole outfit complete! My favorite part of sundresses, however, is the wide selection of floral prints that really make each dress unique.

As a woman with curves, the biggest challenge is to find Maxi Sundresses that are not only flattering to my shape, but also have these fun, floral prints! From my experience over the last few years, the selection and quality of sundress options that are made to fit us curvy women has not been that great. The main issue that I’ve found is a lack of appealing floral prints.

Luckily, I came across a few styles that not only flatter my curves, but also come in the cutest floral prints by partnering with Fox and Royal and City Chic that are available at Macy’s. Their dresses incorporate playful prints and chic silhouettes that are designed for the confident, curvy woman who has a passion for style! From young, fun and flirty to bold, sexy and glam, Fox and Royal and City Chic have a wide selection of Floral Maxi Dresses for us curvy ladies to rock this summer. It’s safe to say that Macy’s Plus is becoming my new go-to destination for new and exciting fashion pieces to fit my curves and my style. #MacysPlus

Checkout a couple of my favorite styles below! I kept it simple by matching each dress with some casual, strappy heels. Both dresses are extremely comfortable, accentuate my waist and have the cutest floral prints that I could wear any day of the week!

Digital Cherry Blossom Floral Print Wrap Dress by City Chic

Rose Romance Maxi by City Chic


It’s hard being a woman, especially at this day and age. We’re expected to look well put together at all times. Our hair should always be done, makeup on point, outfit looking fly, and so on. Cleavage is no exception! As a woman with natural assets, wearing a bra isn’t an option, it’s a daily requirement. Every woman wants her girls to sit up right, defying gravity and looking perky. Unfortunately, without any enhancements, this is not possible alone.



The color “Rust” covers a wide range of orange, red and brown combinations and has been pretty popular lately. When you take a classic black t-shirt and distress it with bleach, the shirt listens up to a reddish-orange color that we call “Rust.”

Instead of accent spots on bleached t-shirts, Rust has become a color that can stand on it’s own as it is fairly close to the blush cosmetic tones that we see everywhere today.

As you know by now, I’m obsessed with t-shirt dresses and this faded rust colored shirt dress is one of my favs.

Check it out:

Dress from Babes and Felines, Necklace from Princess P Jewelry, Boots from Simmi Shoes

Issa Belt

Baggy shirts? Boyfriend’s oversized hoodie? No problem! The easiest way to make any loose-fitting pieces look fashionable is to add a corset belt. Sitting at the smallest part of your waist, these corset belts accentuate your curves and can make even the most oversized sweater look just right.


Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas


Ahh! Christmas is less than a week away, and if you’re anything like me, you’re nowhere near done buying for all of the special people in your life! So while you’re frantically searching store to store and on numerous sites on the internet, I’ve decided to put a gift list together of my own ranging from small, yet perfect for anyone to outrageously awesome. You know…balance. Have a look:


Christmas Gifts for the Female Shoe Lover


To me, shoes always make the perfect gift because I lowkey have a problem and at any point I could name off about 5 styles of shoes that I have my eye on! If you have a woman in your life who shares the same obsession with shoes as I do, then I got you covered when it comes to your Christmas shopping.


High Heel Shoe Clock

Shoe Clock MainThey say that every woman loves shoes, but my love for shoes runs much deeper than the average. Typically, the average woman might buy a pair of shoes occasionally to go with a new dress or outfit they just bought or for a Birthday or Holiday party. I, on the other hand, consider myself somewhat of a shoe connoisseur, a shoe addict, a sole collector. Shoes are my life. I don’t just own a couple pairs of shoe boxes piled up in the corner of my closet. I have an entire shoe closet, built by my pops, filled with about 200+ shoes and growing by the week!


Rock Band T-Shirts


Being that I’m an 80’s baby, listening to Rock Bands was a major part of my childhood. While I was fighting to get my Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and Mariah Carey CD’s played in the car, I was overruled by my parent’s KISS, Cheap Trick, Def Leppard and AC/DC music on a daily basis. They even took me to a few concerts, so naturally, I grew to love this music and memorize every lyric.


Black, White & Ruby Red

Black White and Ruby Red 26

Black White and Ruby Red 11

Classics never go out of style. Black and white are the ultimate neutrals that create timeless looks when worn together. Whether worn as separates like a white shirt and black jeans or combined together on the same piece, black and white will never get old or go out of style.


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