Up until recently, I’ve been more of a coffee drinker, but lately I’ve branched out to drinking matcha green tea instead. Matcha has grown to become a huge trend and buzz word over the last couple of years. Even big name coffee shops like Starbucks have added it to their permanent menus in several variations. What sparked my interest is the wide range of health benefits that matcha provides. From boosting your metabolism and immune system to containing a number of antioxidants, matcha provides a lot beneficial reasons for me to switch from my morning coffee!

A latte is one of the simplest ways to enjoy matcha. The hardest part is getting the matcha powder to dissolve if you don’t mix it together fully. Matcha Muscle provided me with one of their Matcha Boxes recently and I used the “Just Matcha” to make this Chocolate version of a Matcha Latte. The “Chocolate” ingredient is a plant based superfood powder that supports digestion! Ingredients can be purchased through the links provided below!

Chocolate Matcha Latte

Recipe inspired by The Healthy Chef


1 1/2 cups Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
1 Tsp Matcha Muscle “Just Matcha”
2 Tsp Detox Organics Chocolate Superfoods
1 Tsp Blue Agave Honey


1. Pour almond milk into a pot on the stove and heat on low until hot.
2. Add in Matcha, Chocolate and honey. Mix together until completely dissolved with a whisk.
3. Remove from heat. Pour into a mug to enjoy as a hot latte or pour into a glass over ice as an iced latte!

Serving size: 1 serving