Easy Guac 4

If you’re like me, tacos should be considered one of your main food groups and guacamole would be a close second. In Arizona, tacos and guac are easily accessible any time of day with 24-hour Mexican Restaurant drive-thrus open throughout Phoenix.

Although Tacos and Guacamole are just a quick drive away, I think it’s always important to have the basic Guacamole recipe handy to make at any time! It’s classic, easy, delicious and never gets old!

Easy Guac


3 Large Avocados

Lime Juice

½ Tsp Sea Salt

½ Tsp Ground Cumin

½ Tsp Cayenne

½ Medium-sized White Onion

1 Serrano Pepper

2 Roma Tomatoes

2 Tbsp. Cilantro

1 Tsp Minced Garlic


  1. Cut each Avocado in half length-wise and remove the skin and seeds. Place avocado into a large mixing bowl and cover with a tablespoon of lime juice.
  2. Add sea salt, cumin, and cayenne to avocados and mix together. Hint: A potato masher works best!
  3. Chop up the white onion, serrano pepper, tomatoes and cilantro and add to the avocado mixture.
  4. Add garlic and additional lime juice if desired and mix together completely. Enjoy!

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