Shoe Clock MainThey say that every woman loves shoes, but my love for shoes runs much deeper than the average. Typically, the average woman might buy a pair of shoes occasionally to go with a new dress or outfit they just bought or for a Birthday or Holiday party. I, on the other hand, consider myself somewhat of a shoe connoisseur, a shoe addict, a sole collector. Shoes are my life. I don’t just own a couple pairs of shoe boxes piled up in the corner of my closet. I have an entire shoe closet, built by my pops, filled with about 200+ shoes and growing by the week!


Why shoes? I’ve always had an interest in shoes since I was younger. This fascination has grown into a slight obsession over the years with my anticipation of new releases of some of my favorite styles. I even have two shoes tattooed on me along with the saying, “Keep calm and buy shoes” ….now that’s what I call dedication.


They say if the shoe fits, buy it in every color…And for the most part, I did just that. I love heels as much as I love sneakers and have always thought that Jordan Shoe Clocks were pure genius! Nothing like putting 12 sought after shoes on display creatively for everyone to see. But I never could find even an image of the clock that I really wanted on my wall: a High Heel Shoe Clock…So I made one of my own…with a high heel pump that I owned in at least 12 colors to make one hell of shoe display. To me, if you’re going to own that many shoes, you might as well show them off! And what better way to do so than a 5 ft. by 5 ft. fully-functional shoe clock on your wall?

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High Heel Shoe Clock by Ruby Red