Baggy shirts? Boyfriend’s oversized hoodie? No problem! The easiest way to make any loose-fitting pieces look fashionable is to add a corset belt. Sitting at the smallest part of your waist, these corset belts accentuate your curves and can make even the most oversized sweater look just right.

One of my favorite styles of clothing right now is the hoodie dress. Instead of buying an oversized unisex or men’s hoodie that is bulky, I decided to wear a women’s fitted hoodie dress that better fits my curves. I paired the corset belt with a corset necklace and matching black thigh highs to complete the look.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

Here are a few other corset belts and where to find them!

Patent Pink Corset from Fashion Nova
White Corset from Fashion Nova
Denim Corset from Fashion Nova
Black Velvet and Gold Chains Corset from Love Culture