As you probably know by now, cooking, baking and drinking coffee are just a few of the things I enjoy on a regular basis. What you might not know about me is even though I have never been a cigarette or cannabis smoker, I have occasionally enjoyed smoking hookah. It all started in college at a local coffee and hookah shop on campus that my friend and I would frequent quite often. What I had enjoyed most was the different combination of flavors and mastering the art of “blowing O’s” with the smoke. Of course as any good parent would, my mom would always remind me of how much worse smoking hookah was than even smoking a cigarette. Ultimately, I wasn’t enjoying the hookah for the hazardous chemicals and nicotine in the “shisha” or flavored tobacco. I was in it for the flavor and smoke blowing tricks.

Fast forward ten years and I still feel the same way. The major difference between then and now is the growing popularity of vaping! A vape is essentially an electronic cigarette that heats a liquid, creating a vapor to be inhaled. Generally, the liquid is composed of a combination of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring and nicotine. The ratio of each of these ingredients along with the anatomy of the vape used determines the effects of vaping such as flavor strength, smoothness and size of clouds.

I teamed up with my friends at Mt Baker Vapor right here in Mesa, Arizona for this sponsored post and they provided some great vape product for me to test out and enjoy for the first time. Mt Baker Vapor is an electronic cigarette manufacturer known for creative and incredibly tasty nicotine and non-nicotine e-juice flavors that provide a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes and hookah, and contain no hazardous additives. My favorite part about Mt Baker Vapor is all of the amazing flavors they have available along with the choice to have zero nicotine in the liquid you vape! Yes, that means I get way more flavors than ever before to enjoy without the nicotine!

What I like about vaping is that it enhances the experience of eating when paired with the right foods and drinks. With the Holidays quickly approaching, baking cookies has definitely become even more of a priority for me. Enjoying Cloud Hype’s “Mint Bliss” inspired me to bake some Chocolate Mint Cookies and the taste was almost identical. It even paired well with my morning coffee for an added boost of Mint flavor during the Holidays. The next flavor I tried was Hometown Hero’s “Rice Crispy Treats” as I baked some Rice Krispies Trees. Amazing! Clearly, I prefer the dessert flavors, but Mt Baker Vapor also carries a wide selection of fruit, beverage, cereal, candy, holiday flavors and so much more along with a great selection of vapes! Impressive!

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