Rose Quartz Pink 14

I don’t know about you, but typically the idea of wearing pink has never really been my thing. What comes to mind is a bright or neon pink which is a far reach from the neutrals you know I love so much.

But for some reason, a new shade of pink has taken over: Rose Quartz. It’s one half of the Pantone® Color of the Year 2016 and it has definitely won over my heart. A light blush pink that is almost reminiscent of a matte version of rose gold that has been so popular over the last few years. Many designers have focused part of their 2016 lines to this hue of pink.

I think that a lot of what’s trending is more of a toned-down or neutral version of the originally more vibrant colors. These tones are easier to wear and break all seasonality barriers that may exist with bright and neon colors. Traditionally, these colors are only thought of within a specific time of the year. This soft color even looks great on guys!

Will you be rocking this trending color with me?

Here’s a few of my favorite Rose Quartz looks:

Rose Quartz Pink 10
Top and Skirt from Windsor Store; Heels by Steve Madden

Rose Quartz Pink 15

Rose Quartz Pink 11

Rose Quartz Pink 20

Rose Quartz Pink 21
Jacket and T-Shirt from Zara; Jeans from Fashion Nova; Sneakers by Michael Kors

Rose Quartz Pink 22

Rose Quartz Pink 25

Rose Quartz Pink 26

Rose Quartz Pink
Sunglasses from Style Gets; Top from Nordstrom; Jeans from Fashion Nova; Tubular Defiant Sneakers by ADIDAS

Rose Quartz Pink 2

Rose Quartz Pink 4

Rose Quartz Pink 5

Rose Quartz Pink 6

Rose Quartz Pink 8